What is DCA? How to trade?

Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is the system of regularly buying a fixed amount of a specific asset, regardless of the price.

Creating DCA Rules:

In the attached screenshot, the WIF token will be sold within 5 minutes. Each transaction is 20% of the entered amount 5.49 WIF. Selling part 20% every minute.

Creating DCA Rules in Solana blockchain
1) Go to DCA.
2) Choose a direction. BUY is buying a token. SELL is a token sale.
3) Select a token to sell. . You should already have it.
4) Enter the amount to sell..
5) Specify the number of orders.
6) Specify the sales period.
7) Create button.

DCA Tracking:

Once the DCA is created, you can track the status of the DCA.

DCA trading in Solana blockchain
1) Disable DCA if you change your mind about selling tokens.

View DCA trades:

You can view all trades for each DCA rule.

DCA trades in Solana blockchain