Solana Trading Platform

Full-fledged wallet

0% fee
Transfer SOL and tokens
Receive and store funds
Wrap SOL and unwrap WSOL
Export private key

Sniper buy

Quickly send transactions to Solana
Buy tokens without delays
Trade directly through Raydium pools.

Wallet Tracker

Tracking new transactions with tokens on another wallets
Notifications about new transactions in Telegram

Copy Trading

Copy trading - automatically buy and sell using another wallet
Can be combined with DCA


DCA - Automatically buy and sell based on specified time and trade size
New pools - Buy new Raydium pools and sell them automatically through DCA

Wallet Analyzer

Check the wallet for profitability
Trading summary
Token profit research
Analysis of recent transactions
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SOL47.COM is a decentralized trading platform that executes trades at the Solana blockchain level.

We also have analytical tools such as Wallet Trading Analysis and Wallet Tracker.

Any user can export the private key from their wallet in order to access their assets from other wallet platforms and preventing a collapse on our servers.

All client money is on the blockchain level. The platform only sends commands to buy or sell assets on the blockchain.

To communicate with the blockchain, the platform securely stores only the private key in encrypted form.

SOL47 platform services are free.
We charge 0.75% - 1% for buying and selling tokens. But all transfers are without fees. More.

For analytical services you need to buy credits, but if you trade, credits will be awarded to you for free.

We continue to work on new trading and analytical features.

If you liked our platform, and you have new trading and analytical ideas, we will be glad to see you in
technical support.